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The following table gives the Usage share of instant messaging clients.

Instant messenger client Company Usage Notes
AIM AOL, Inc 53 million active users, "over 100 million" total[1]
XMPP XMPP Standards Foundation 1200+ million This number is based on the number of Facebook accounts,[2] Google talk and WLM accounts.[3] Further, as there are many other open source servers (some also with companies behind it), the number provided is probably too small. However, many of these servers are not federated, and so, do not actually interact as is usually expected of XMPP servers.
eBuddy eBuddy 35 million users (including 4 million mobile)[4]
Windows Live Messenger Microsoft Corporation 330 million active every month (jun 2009)[5]
Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo!, Inc. 22 million users[citation needed]
QQ Tencent Holdings Limited 176+ million peak online users, 840+ million "active"[6]
IBM Lotus Sametime IBM Corp. 15 million (enterprise) users[citation needed]
Skype Skype Limited 34 million peak online (February 2012),[7] 560 million total (April 2010)[8] On October 24, 2012 Skype 6.0[9] connected users on Yahoo, WLM, Skype, and Facebook networks. Facebook excluded, this amounts to 83% of worldwide IM desktop client market share based on data from June 2011.[10]
MXit MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd. 14 million users (majority in Southern Africa, more than 1.3 million international)[11] MXit federates with the Google Talk network.
Xfire Xfire, Inc. 6.1 million users (January 2007)[citation needed]
Gadu-Gadu GG Network S.A. 5.6 million users[12]
ICQ ICQ LLC. 4 million active[1]
Paltalk 3.3 million unique visitors per month[13]
PSYC PSYC 1 million users, daily (majority in Brazil)[14] Total amount of users cannot be estimated due to the decentralized nature of the protocol.
Meebo Meebo, Inc. 0 Shut down as of July 11, 2012 after services were acquired by google.[15]
IMVU IMVU, inc. 1 million users[16]


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