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The Beatley Family Mafia is a gang from Lawrenceburg, IN. it was formed on October 15, 2008 by Bill "Lil Beastly Tha Godfather", who is still the undisputed leader. It was originally created as a way of keeping an open ear in many different circles around the area. It is still in operation to this day.

History The Beatley Family, or more commonly known as just "Tha Family" was founded on October 15, 2008 by Lil Beastly Tha Godfather, Lil Gimpy, Brundawg, Gaberaham, Snipa Snipa, and J-Club. Beastly was the leader, Gimpy the Underboss, Brundawg, Gaberaham, and J-Club as captains, and Snipa Snipa as a soldier. Gimpy later ended up being swtitched Gaberaham, due to The Chainsaw-Frenchie Castrophe of 2008, in which Gimpy chose his ten girlfriend "Chainsaw Teeth" and friend "Frenchie" over The Family, thus using his "Ghetto Pass", a one time pass to "really screw up" as Beastly once put it. Beastly then followed up by making J-Club his Advisor. he also made what many claim was the best move he ever made, which was to make Snipa Snipa his own private bodyguard, which meant he only answered to Beastly. The family started off weak, after the Chainsaw-Frenchie Catastrophe, Brundawg left a few days later, starting the Emo Enigma of 2008. Brundawg later returned a month later, but wasn't fully trusted by anyone until February of 2009, in which he earned Beastly's eternal loyalty. Brundawg used up his Ghetto Pass during the Emo Enigma. After those events, a new potential member was scouted but later turned down mostly due to his inmaturity, but would be brought 9 months later after growing up.

The Family's first glorious event The Annual New Year's Eve Bash, which was held at Beastly's personal home. The first one involved Beastly, Gaberaham, J-Club, and Gimpy. J-Club did not stay the whole time due to his personal illness. The boys discussed many things, including their basis on obtaining new members.

Now in 2009, The Family became stronger with Brundawg back and earning Beastly's loyalty. This was almost put to a halt when J-Club began telling other members of the crew that he should be leader. This led to the Diabetis Disastor of 2009, called this due to J-club's diabetes. Beastly gave J-Club a Ghetto Pass, but he was no longer trusted by the squad. By June of that year, J-Club became the first member to be officially removed from The Family. He has tried to get back in since then, but with absolutly no success. The Family remained strong and even found a new member in August, Young Keezy, the unsuccessful prospect from 2008. He was sponsored by the Underboss Gaberaham, and officially brought in by Beastly on August 28, 2009. He was now the only soldier, with Gimpy and Brundawg as Captains, Snipa as Beastly's bodyguard, and Gaberaham as Underboss under Beastly. The Family prospered with their 1 year anniversary, and had the best new year celebration yet, it being the only one where all the members were present. It was after this the worst event for The Family ever happened, The Beatley Family Civil War of 2010. Before this though, a new member was brought in, sponsored by Brundawg, and certified by Beastly, Young Blood was officially brought into The Family in January, 2010. Brought in as a soldier, Young Blood rose quickly through the ranks. Originally picked to be the successor of Beastly when the others all graduated in 2011, he was made captain after Keezy turned down the promotion. he wanted more, and Beastly made him his Assassin, basically a second Snipa. Snipa always considered Blood a son, and Blood was also a favorite of Gimpy, who would defend him later on against Beastly.

The Beatley Family Civil War did not start until February of 2010, but the events leading to this began in January. Gaberaham began meeting certain people, and decided not to pursue it anymore. So they then ended up seeing Brundawg. Tensions between Gaberham and Brundawg would remain evermore. With Gaberaham trying to win them back, and Brundawg trying to keep them. Brundawg believed this a personal matter, and did not want anyone taking sides. Gaberaham believed they the other members were either for him or against him. It was this move by Gaberaham that led Beastly to side with Brundawg, but he still wanted to just end this matter. It then became everyone following Beastly's lead and went to Brundawg, except Keezy, who remained loyal to the one who had gotten him in the crew. The sit down was to happen after Beastly returned from his trip from Europe during spring break. By his return, he realzied that there would be no sitdown, the blood between the two was too bad to talk it out. A meeting between Beastly, Snipa, Gimpy, and Keezy was held at Gimpy's house. Beastly explained that between certain people's influence on both Brundawg, who was now Beastly's advisor (a position which hadn't been around since J-Club used his Ghetto Pass), and Gaberaham, as well as Young Blood's pushing both sides to fight each other, it was decided there needed to be a battle, but on Beastly's terms. There would be no one present but members of The Family, since rumors had spread of others, mostly being "Steroids", a longtime foe of Beastly's, stating they would jump the winner. This was also to stop it if it got too bad. Between the hot sun and Young Blood's heckling, Brundawg finally struck Gaberaham as he taunted him.The two fought, with Brundawg being decided the winner based on blood factor.

Things settled back come summer. Snipa Snipa was now the first and only member to graduate, since he was the oldest of the crew. He also aquired his second girlfriend ever, who would later be draw him into semi-retirement. but him, Beastly, Brundawg, Keezy, and Gimpy ran the streets. Gaberaham only hung out once, decideing to focus on a band he had started. Young Blood hung out more than Gaberaham, but his constant want for rides, money, food, a place to hide from his mom, grew tiring for the others, except Gimpy. Young Blood returned to his life of hardcore partying, drinking, and his abuse of weed marijuana and even popping pills. Beastly did not want him around unless he was clean, fearing he might be a bad influence on the others. He lied to the whole Family, stating he was clean. Beastly would later find out from Snipa and Brundawg that Young Blood was "Talking Crap" about him. Beastly exploded at Young Blood and called this his using of the Ghetto Pass. Brundawg was also made Underboss and Gaberaham was made Advisor, due to his not being there often.

Beastly then underwent what is know as The Slim Shady Metamorphesis. He died his hair bleach blond, making him look like Eminem. This would later help him make many contacts around the United States, whihc he met at a conference in Washington, D.C.

After just celebrating their 2 year anniversary, The Family was soon shorted one more member. Young Blood decided he was going to persure a girl Beastly had been after for quite some time, infuriating Beastly. Beastly, having become fed up with both Young Blood's using him for only rides, money, and food, and his own inability to win over the girl, kicked out Young Blood.Fortunatly for Young Blood, Snipa had moved into Beastly's house as his roomate, and kept him from going to kill him. To this day, tensions are still high between the two, but are more calmed by the fact they are both in LSC. Both parties have since moved on from the girl, and both remain her friend.

Snipa moved out of Beastly's house in the middle of the night in December, 2010. Snipa had ended up using his ghetto pass after he had lied to Beastly twice over letting an underage driver drive Beastly's car. All Beastly was going to do was take away Snipa's use of his car, thus no longer letting him go out and make late night runs to see his beloved girlfriend. Beastly and Snipa still consider each other brothers, but Snipa has become semi-retired, due to the work he must do to provide for himself and his girlfriend. The Family understands and respects his decision, and he still rolls with the boys when he can.

To this day, Beastly, Brundawg, Gaberaham, Gimpy, Snipa, and Keezy are all still in the Family. keezy has since become a captain. They had their 3rd Anuual New Year's Eve Bash, in which only Snipa did not show up, most likely due to his work or promises to his girlfriend, but he at least called and talked to all of the crew over Beastly's speaker phone. The Family has since their founding gone National, due to Beastly's contacts at the forum he attended in 2010, and has even been acknowledged in Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, and The Vatican, due to Beastly's trip in 2010. The Family has also helped in bringing back The Lawrenceburg Shakespeare Company, a play-performing group in which Beastly was a member of two of their three major productions, those being Twelth Night, as the priest, and Macbeth, where he was Fleance, the son of Banquo, who supposedly inherits the throne,as well as a messenger/soldier, who dies last and most painfully in the big battle scence. Their next production, A Midsummer's Nights Dream, features Brundawg as Theseus, The Duke of Athens; Beastly as Nick Bottom the weaver, who becomes a donkey(Gimpy was quoting as saying "So now everyone knows he's a Jackass"), and Gimpy as a woodland fairy, which Beastly thought was also fitting.

The Beatley Family Mafia still rules the hallways of LHS to this day, but when Beastly, Gaberaham, Brundawg, and Gimpy all graduate, it is unknown what will happen.


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