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Hey y'all!

Arjun Mangol Kanoth
Arjun Mangol Kanoth1.jpg
Born (1992-11-20) November 20, 1992 (age 21)
Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates
Residence Dubai,United Arab Emirates
Nationality Indian
Occupation Student
Home town Kerala,Kannur District
Religion Hindu

I'm Arjun Mangol, a 'Mallu' living in the big, sleepy city that is Pune. Yes. You're right, we're here for good; world domination if given a chance. Though living here under the pretense of doing my Bachelors in Mechanical from College of Engg, Pune, I have many other facets as well, one of which is the reason I'm writing this right now. Born and brought up in the City of Gold, Dubai; loving son and Big Brother, (also a father if you go by Facebook). I'm here to make a difference to the world as I know it. Be it a nudge, or a push, or a pull; you can be sure I got atleast a finger behind it.

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