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A few things you may want to know:[edit]

Myself on wikipedia[edit]

I am an administrator on the Scots language Wikipedia; a small Wikimedia project. I mainly just delete silly pages and block people. I contribute mainly to the English language Wikipedia, with occasional contributions to the French and German language versions.


I'm a wannabe polylingual, I have a great, if somewhat nerdy interest in grammar and the complex employment of English; I enjoy using the more ancient utilisations of words, much to the annoyance those who surround and have to endure me. I am currently studying Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Although I identify myself as an English Briton, I am greatly in favour of the obligatory teaching of either Welsh, Scots, Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic in England, as I am of the opinion that these languages are of equal importance as English within the United Kingdom.

I am a human[edit]

In my time spent reverting vandalism, please understand that if I, by human error, revert a just and beneficial edit. Just send me a message via my talk page. Like 99% of the Earth's human populace, I am prone to making mistakes.

All little bit about me[edit]

I am a Swiss citizen, a British citizen, a German citizen and a European Citizen. My maternal tongues are English and German. I also speak fluent French.

My main interests are languages and law.

Sand Box[edit]

These are mainly here for my personal reference, but feel free to browse.