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I hope that one day wikipedia will gather all the knowable knowledge in the known universe, at which point i hope it considers changing its name to the Infosphere.

I've also vowed to read the article for every country in the world, by continent, in alphabetical order, at a minimum rate of three per week. You know, so i can understand where i live.


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Portrait of Richard III of England

The exhumation of Richard III of England in September 2012 and his reburial in Leicester Cathedral on 26 March 2015 took place over 500 years after his death at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Richard was originally buried in Leicester's Greyfriars Friary, but the site of his grave was forgotten after the friary was demolished and it was generally believed that his bones had been thrown into the nearby River Soar. In September 2012, an archaeological excavation took place at the site of the friary and a skeleton was discovered of a man with a spinal deformity and severe head injuries. He appeared to have been hastily buried without a coffin in a crudely cut grave. Analysis of the bones showed that he had been killed by edged weapons cutting open his skull and piercing his brain. DNA tests and radiocarbon dating confirmed that the skeleton was that of Richard III. Leicester Cathedral was chosen as the site of Richard's reburial, though some argued that York Minster or Westminster Abbey would be more suitable locations. The reinterment in an ecumenical Christian service at the cathedral, and the unveiling of his tomb, were scheduled for the end of a week's commemorations. (Full article...)

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