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LA Skyline Mountains2.jpg This user lives near Los Angeles.

My Contributions[edit]

Amazing how one thing leads to another -- setting up an area to keep track of my edits.

Articles created[edit]

Fixer uppers[edit]

Outside: From the Redwoods (Kenny Loggins live album and PBS television special)


Connected Contributor disclosure and redaction[edit]

Concerning recent developments concerning Wikipedia:Paid editing (policy).

I recently declared a Template:Connected contributor involving paid editing for a firm (10 West Studios). The Director (Harold Cronk) appreciated my freely contributed film article Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy. I was contacted about additional articles. I did accept payment for an article, created via WP:AfC, Jerusalem Countdown (film). (It appears that the talk page with my Cc declaration was not moved with the article.)

As a result of budget issues, I was not compensated for several finished draft articles and the development concerning Wikipedia:Paid editing (policy) forbids me from accepting payment for services. The new paid editing policy severs my only "Connection" with the subject. (As per WP:NOPAY, I have no external nor financial relationship with the subject.)

I have no expectation of being compensated for several finished articles concerning The Michigan Film Incentive, the resulting creation of 10 West Studios, and the biography WP:BLP about the director. After letting the dust settle for two months, with no expectation of being compensated, I am voluntarily contributing several works under the Creative Commons agreement and in "advancing the aims of Wikipedia", rather than deleting these works.

I will continue to respect the rules concerning paid editing, I will not be accepting commissioned work as per Wikipedia:Paid editing (policy)

Beyond having advanced content knowledge, I am no longer connected with 10 West Studios, affiliates and associated topics. I will continue my neutral writings as a volunteer.

About Me[edit]

I am a freelance writer, I write when I want and about the topics that interest me. Generally, I write about the Entertainment Industry: artists, musicians, composers, producers, directors etc. In almost every case, I do not personally know these creative individuals and I may or may not contact these subjects for clarification(s).

In most cases I write about a topic because:

  1. I enjoy the work, or contribution of the creative individual.
  2. They have interesting story concerning their rise to notability, either in old media, new media or both.
  3. One of these creative personalities experiences a milestone, film/album, or other career advancement.
  4. The subject is an integral and notable part of a story that is likely to become a Wikipedia Book.

Other personal interests and areas of expertise:

Short Cuts[edit]

NPOV on two articles[edit]

Hello, I recently tagged a few articles that you contributed for NPOV. Just to expand on why I placed the tags, I wanted to mention there are only a few places in each that seemed, to me at least, to be outside the guidelines of NPOV. Thanks JanetWand (talk) 21:37, 10 May 2014 (UTC)

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