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The motto of the AIW is Conservata veritate, which translates to "With the preserved truth".
This motto reflects the inclusionist desire to change Wikipedia only when no knowledge would be lost as a result.

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LimaSignPainter.jpg This editor is a Wikipedian who is willing and able to edit for pay, and willing and able to edit for free.



Concerning recent developments concerning Paid editing (policy) of June 2014.

I have elected to use the Talk page method for paid-editing disclosure on articles that I create and any edits to other articles (Wiki - markup etc.) are disclosed in the edit summary and I provide a link to the talk page containing the disclosure template.

In addition to voluntary editing, I do take paid-editing assignments, but more often than not, I decline these assignments when the subject's notability or motives come into question. I have also discovered unflattering press during the research phase, advised the (otherwise notable) subject of the possible consequences and the decision(s) has been made to discontinue the project(s). On the articles I do accept, my monetary involvement begins and ends with the creation of an article that describes the subject in neutral-terms and in a flat technical writing format to avoid any injection of favoritism. Still, the perception from many Wikipedia editors on what "appears" to be advertising can be subjective, so I am faced with defending some articles (unpaid) long after my relationship with the subject has concluded.

A request has been made that I also disclose my paid editing assignments on this page. I am resistant to this request because an earlier version of such a disclosure has resulted in tendentious editors stalking those articles from the list. Generally, the reasons for these attacks can be found in the following: WP:LACK, WP:DLS and WP:DLC.

If you and I are engaged in an article's talk page discussion. Please understand that I am not trying to be disruptive and that my paid relationship with the subject has concluded. But this dry writing style, faithfully paraphrasing, along with other Wikipedia policy limitations may result in long communications in Talk pages, concerning form and/or content. I apologize, but there seems to be no way around this when an article is challenged.


I also place template:Paid article on the relevant article's talk pages, ancillary edits to related articles will be noted in the edit summary.

Mitchell Kriegman[edit]

Mitchell Kriegman an Emmy award winning writer and producer. I will be cleaning up his existing article, adding references and listing accomplishments. I already know of one associated article that may take some noncontroversial edits, there may be others.


A series of composition albums and associated ecology festival, upcoming article.

Robert Eringer[edit]

I will be representing (paid) Robert Eringer to resolve issues with a biography that appears to be an attack article.

The following table(s) suggests that many of these bloggers created accounts for the express purpose of attacking Eringer. (As of 9/21/2014)


ContentBridge a well established software system focusing on digital-media distribution. An AfD discussion resulted in an article merge under a new article for the holding company GoDigital Media Group there are some related articles that will need to be updated along the way.

Herman Matthews[edit]

I did some gratis work on Herman Matthews existing article, he later insisted on tipping me.

10 West Studios[edit]

10 West Studios I did a series of related paid article's for the studio and associates a few years back?, declarations should be on the talk pages for the respective articles.


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