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"Mike Bars" Rapper, producer, engineer, graphic desiner. Mike Bars was born Michael Barr in California. Inspired by Ludacris as a 12 year old in middle school, Mike Bars learned the complicated lyrics to Roll Out and found his calling. Unable to keep from rapping, his high school caught on to his secret. Lunch time rap challenges turned into writing sessions and the release of THE BARCODE in 2007 under the name Mickey Dee his senior year.

With the motto "Perfection or Die" Mike Bars opted to forgo the mixtape route and produce his music from the ground up. This need for perfection can be seen in STUNT DOUBLE released in 2010 with a new name suggested by a fellow rapper, Mike Bars. The first single, "Stunt Double" is a humorous look at the rap world as seen through the eyes of a white rapper. The E-P was received with mixed reviews, but downloads skyrocketed. Love it or hate it it brought out strong emotions.

Firmly on this path, Mike Bars, released GROWN FOLK - EP in December of 2011. Followed by singles, "Boyfriend" and "There Will Be Blood" in(2012) and "I Try" featuring Kid Krash in 2013. A new albom and mixtape are expected soon.

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