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The BDL Darts organisation was set up in January 2011 by avid darts fans in North London. It involves representatives of the professional circuit's greatest players throwing for county franchises.

British Darts Legion
Sport Darts
Category Indoor Sports
Founded 20th January 2011
Headquarters London
Location United Kingdom

Counties & Players[edit]


Current Lineup[edit]

Gary Andersen

Scott Waites

Main article: Scott Waites

Martin Phillips


Current Lineup[edit]

James Wade

Main article: James Wade

Mark Webster

John Part

Main article: John Part


Current Lineup[edit]

Raymond van Barneveld

Main article: Raymond van Barneveld

Gary Robson

Andy Fordham

Main article: Andy Fordham


Current Lineup[edit]

Phil Taylor

Main article: Phil Taylor

Ted Hankey

Main article: Ted Hankey

John Walton


Current Lineup[edit]

Martin Adams

Main article: Martin Adams

Stuart Kellet

Main article: Stuart Kellet

Jelle Klaasen

Main article: Jelle Klaasen


Current Lineup[edit]

Terry Jenkins

Main article: Terry Jenkins

Tony O'Shea

Main article: Tony O'Shea

Darryl Fitton

Main article: Darryl Fitton


Current Lineup[edit]

Simon Whitlock

Main article: Simon Whitlock

Stephen Bunting

Main article: Stephen Bunting

Dave Chisnall

Main article: Dave Chisnall


Current Lineup[edit]

Adrian Lewis

Main article: Adrian Lewis

Dean Winstanley

Main article: Dean Winstanley

Dennis Priestley

Main article: Dennis Priestley

Season One[edit]

All England Open[edit]

Taking place on 25th to 27th March, the All England Open will mark halfway in the season. Second to only the World Championships, this is one of the events to look out for over the course of the next few months. Rather like the FA Cup of football, there will be a draw before every round and no teams will be seeded.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
25th Mar – Wembley Arena        
 TBA  0
27th Mar – Wembley Arena
 TBA  0  
 TBA  0
25th Mar – Wembley Arena
     TBA  0  
 TBA  0
27th Mar – Wembley Arena
 TBA  0  
 TBA  0
25th Mar – Wembley Arena    
   TBA  0
 TBA  0
27th Mar – Wembley Arena
 TBA  0  
 TBA  0
25th Mar – Wembley Arena
     TBA  0  
 TBA  0
 TBA  0  

Jacobs Cup[edit]

Similar to the Davis Cup of Tennis, the Jacobs Cup will run throughout the season. It will be the true test of which team has consistently been on form. The Jacobs Cup is due to commence in mid-February with the four quarter final matches.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
18th Feb – Alexandra Palace        
 Flag of the City of London.svg London  0
3rd Apr – Wembley Arena
 Flag of Kent.svg Kent  0  
 TBA  0
18th Feb – Chester
     TBA  0  
 Flag of Durham County Council.png Durham  0
17th Apr – Wembley Arena
 22px Yorkshire  0  
 TBA  0
18th Feb – Echo Arena    
   TBA  0
 Flag of Hampshire.svg Hampshire  0
3rd Apr – Wembley Arena
 County Flag of Merseyside.png Merseyside  0  
 TBA  0
18th Feb – Trafford Centre
     TBA  0  
 County Flag of Greater Manchester.png Manchester  0
 FlagOfLancashire.PNG Lancashire  0  

Premier League[edit]

The BDL Premier League will be the heart of the season. It encorporates the intruige of the league stage and the excitement of the playoffs to form a truly fantastic few months of darts. Each week, the world's greatest darts players will come face to face with the prospect of some unbelievable consequences.


The league cannot be won at this stage of the competition, but it can certainly be lost. As we enjoy seven weeks of fierce competition, the eight counties will be desperate to put themselves in a good position for the playoffs.

Pos Name Pld W L Pts
1 Flag of Durham County Council.png Durham 0 0 0 0
2 Flag of Hampshire.svg Hampshire 0 0 0 0
3 Flag of Kent.svg Kent 0 0 0 0
4 FlagOfLancashire.PNG Lancashire 0 0 0 0
5 Flag of the City of London.svg London 0 0 0 0
6 County Flag of Greater Manchester.png Manchester 0 0 0 0
7 County Flag of Merseyside.png Merseyside 0 0 0 0
8 22px Yorkshire 0 0 0 0
  Flag of Durham County Council.png Flag of Hampshire.svg Flag of Kent.svg FlagOfLancashire.PNG Flag of the City of London.svg County Flag of Greater Manchester.png County Flag of Merseyside.png 22px
Durham   1/4 19/3 12/3 8/4 27/2 4/3 16/4
Hampshire 1/4   16/4 10/4 6/3 18/3 25/2 13/3
Kent 19/3 16/4   1/4 26/2 11/3 9/4 5/3
Lancashire 12/3 10/4 1/4   16/4 6/3 20/3 27/2
London 8/4 6/3 26/2 16/4   2/4 13/3 20/3
Manchester 27/2 18/3 11/3 6/3 2/4   16/4 10/4
Merseyside 4/3 25/2 9/4 20/3 13/3 16/4   2/4
Yorkshire 16/4 13/3 5/3 27/2 20/3 10/4 2/4  


Rather uniquely, all eight teams will participate in the playoffs. The position a team finishes the league stage in affects which playoff match they will be involved in. The four matches are due to be played in Yorkshire on Easter Sunday.

World Championships[edit]