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Derrick Petroleum Services is an independent firm providing business research for Oil and Gas industry with news, reports, database and consulting. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India and has operations ______ . The company was founded in ____ by ____ . On 28 May 2009, Derrick Petroleum Services completed a comprehensive study of the Top 1000 global oil and gas companies[1]and identified in excess of $20 billion of oil and gas assets currently for sale worldwide, consisting of 69 separately announced transactions. The study focused on deals with an estimated value greater than $10 million.


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Organization Structure[edit]

  • Database Team: Derrick Petroleum Services provides a database which gives information on Oil Field Services (OFS), Upstream, Midstream and Downstream transactions occurring worldwide among the oil & gas companies. The database team maintains and is responsible for the upkeep of the database.
  • E&P Analytics team: tracks oil and gas assets, top 1500 E&P companies and is responsible for production, reserves and economics forecasts globally. The team evaluates data from multiple sources giving a view of industry trends. Each team member is responsible for a specific region and collects information about that particular region. Team also tracks global exploration activities covering new oil and gas license awards, drilling plans and discoveries with Independent reserve estimations using in-house qualitative techniques.

Products and Services[edit]


1Derrick, a news platform for oil and gas industry was launched on _______ . It allows users to access news catalogued into domains. Users can Follow/Unfollow channels and post their opinions as blogs. News is collected from sources including companies, prominent media and Governments.

M&A Database[3]

M&A database was launched in ____. *Add PLS Collaboration*. The PLS Derrick M&A database is a comprehensive database in the industry. Data collected from various sources is analysed by the Derrick team of analysts and uploaded to the M&A database every day. Data about publicly announced deals is collected through Derrick's proprietary internet technology. Data is collected and analyzed from oil and gas operator, supplier, industry body and government agency worldwide, on a daily basis. The database contains information about deals including date announced, buyer name(s), seller name(s), transaction value, advisors, deal type, region,and underlying assets. Derrick's Deals in Play is the most comprehensive data set of its kind in the industry. This feature includes deals ranging from the large packages being brokered through investment banks to the much smaller, non-brokered prospects.

Global Business Development Book[4]

The Global Business Development Book was launched on _____. It provides reference and workshop material for BD and exploration teams to identify and prioritize portfolio opportunities. The BD Book is a report that provides information on future exploration & appraisal wells, discovery and field activity based on public and proprietary data sources across the UK.

Recent Collaborations[edit]

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