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Nagappa Shetty (Nagappa Shresti) Nagappa Shetty is a freedom fighter, great philanthropist, Gandhian philosopher and founder of National Education Society. He is born on the year 22nd April 1913 at sakarayapatna in chikmagalore district of Karnataka. Later he moved to Shimoga participated in many freedom movements with his followers. He is a great follower of Gandhi and actively participated swadeshi movement, non-cooperation movement quite india movement and he sent for jail for his active participation in freedom movement.

During the Freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation stressed the need for quality rural education and development of women education and urged the leaders and youth to help in promoting it. Nagapp Shetty and public of Shimoga were first to respond to the call of Mahatma. In 1946 they set up the National education society at Shimoga which is the important place of Malnad Area of Western Ghat Region in the Country which is endowed with rich and enchanting grace of Nature.

Sri Nagappa Shetty made a commendable team with the zeal dedication of senior leaders of the district like Mr. S.V.Krishna Murthy Rao, former deputy speaker of Loksabha, Mr.H.S.Rudrappa, Former Minister of Karnataka. Mr.P.Murudappa, Mr.R.K.Jayatheerthachar and Mr.S.Narasimha Murthy senior Advocates and others strived hard to build the institution as founders to achieve the aspirations of Mahatma. The society started independently Managed High School in the district during 1946 and constructed its own building with public assistance. With a view to give thrust towards girl’s education NES opened the first Girl’s High School in the district in 1954 and gradually opened educational institutions in rural areas of the district to cater the needs of rural people.

Many illustrious leaders, statesman, personalities have visited the National education Society and have blessed by appreciating the dedicated service by the Gandian follower Shree Nagappa Shetty. Among them are Honorable Dr.Rajendra Prasad, former President of India, Philosopher educationist Dr.S.Radha Krishnan, former president of India, Shri Lal Bahadhur Shastry, Former Prime Minister of India, Sri Jayachamaraj wodeyar, former Maharaja of Mysore, Sri Vinoba Bhave a great leader of Sarvodaya movement, Acharya Tulsi leader of Anavarath Movement are few among them.

Despite number of problems during and after freedom struggle the enthusiasm and commitment of Nagappa Shetty's National Education Society never detered towards working for the cause of education. The society started number of professional Colleges in the district. Now it is enriched with 41 educational institutions providing education to more than 16,000 students with 1300 staff force. Starting from giving importance to Primary, Secondary and Pre-University education by opening number of Schools and Junior Colleges, his institutions now offering courses with high quality education in Engineering, Law, Commerce, Pharmacy, Applied Science and Home Science through its well established colleges.

At his age 65 he came to office by his cycle became the roll model to others. Till his death he wore only Khadi Jubba, Pyjam and Gandhi Topi(Hat). This great soul died on the year 1993, still his institutions running on the basis of his morality and principles.


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