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Save us all

Challenges and solutions to Saving the Human Race[edit]

I found a quote in a New York interiors magazine a few years ago, the quote was written in sandstone in a bathroom and it said 'It is man's destiny to outsmart himself", which I now know to be from "The Oedipus Trilogy" which is a novel that deals with destiny and fate. I suspect this is true but would like to try to do something about it....

This is the beginning of a subject (article) designed to get as many contributions and possible solutions to saving the human race and keeping a quality of life for our future generations and all that is around us including plants and animals. Wikipedia was the only way I could think to get the world to contribute and get some possible answers. We hear something about Global warming or Carbon credits and Oil resources and Wars every single day. There are many opinions about what is the truth and what is a lie and many are clouded by opinions, political and commercial interests (please expand)

This article could have been called "Save our planet" or similar but perhaps that's just one potential solution. The definition of what this article is about is how do we continue the Human Race without destroying ourselves and the environment around us. There is obviously no simple answer or one answer please contribute whatever you have. (I need help with how this may be structured to achieve the best benefit and contributions)


These are all in the context of what threatens us as humans

1 Overpopulation (Need to describe the issue further here)

2 Depletion of natural resources (Need to describe the issue further here)

3 change in weather (Need to describe the issue further here)

4 War (Need to describe the issue further here)

5 Disease (Need to describe the issue further here)

6 A meteor hitting the planet (Need to describe the issue further here)

2. Find another planet and populate it 3. Save the planet or Manage what we have got We need to preserve the planet and have quality of life at the same time. There are many challenges here and this needs to be populated with as many ideas and research as possible. There are many threats:


Here's a start, the numbers correspond with "The Challenges" in the above list

1 Overpopulation 1.001 Find another planet 1.002 Reduce the population 1.003 Live with what we have 1.004 Change as a species through evolution?

2 Depletion of natural resources 2.001 Reduce the population 2.002 Recycle 2.002 Find another planet

3 change in weather

4 War

5 Disease

6 A meteor hitting the planet


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