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Mohsin Raza Bunny is one of the famous singer & music composers of Pakistan. He was born on October 10 in 1958. His real name is Mohsin Raza but notably recognized as Bunny in whole Pakistan. He came with his first hit with the song “Dil Mein Tum” which remained the smash hit till the end of the century and till now. Besides that he gave a lot of hit songs which are really admired by the people. These days he is living in United States. A gifted artiste, to say the least, Bunny is well connected with both bhangra and soft pop. He is one of the few expert performers who have modified well with the changes in the Pakistani music scene, and still go on to provide great earth-shattering tracks. His album Dil Mein Tum seemed to be rounded off with a blend of both Urdu and English songs. Hits included were Dil Mein Tum and Dear Martine. His album "Kon Ho Ga" was also admired a lot by the people. Bunny appeared to sound more mature in the album Deewana with several hits. Jeena Nahin, Bhangra is King were most likely some of the best songs from this collection.


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