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Ilmi Exploring the World of English This is a fairly comprehensive book on English composition. The college students and candidates taking competitive and professional examinations have been kept constantly in mind, in the preparation of the book. The book provides a great variety of reading matter embracing not only literary English but also interesting material from standard newspapers and periodicals.

Few words by ZULFIQAR ALI:
To conclude I would say that the book "Exploring the World of English" is invaluable for brilliant students of Matric and Cambridge school Certificate Classes and all the college students right up to the Master's degree and for students who intend taking competitive examinations or adopt professions like those of lawyers and business managers on those who are to address International Conferences on behalf of country.

formerly Principal Aitcheson College,
Lahore, and Head Master, J.M.M.T.S.
(Indian Merchantile Marine Traing Ship
"Dufferin" Bombay). ...


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