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Introduction: The palmashow make up a comic duo with Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais. Since the broadcasting of “La folle histoire du palmashow” at the end of 2010 and “Very Bad Blague” in 2011, these two comedians made themselves known thanks to internet and the channel Direct 8. Biography: It’s at the secondary school that Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais met each other and they started to write some small sketchs. They have been creating a double act, “Le Palmashow” since 2002. At the beginning, they devoted themselves to the writing part and they went on stage in 2003 with two shows: “Men in Blagues” and “Ambiance”. Then, they took part in the 17th and 18th student festivals at the Palais des Glaces (in Paris) where they won three prices: the prize of the best comedian, the special prize of the jury and the public prize. In 2003, they presented their first program on Yvelines radio antenna and on Fun Radio. In 2006, they performed their new show « Trucs » with the comedy show « Les prénoms”. After this back on stage, Gregoire and David were writing some parodies of famous movies as “Batman”, “Indiana Jones” or “The Lord of the Ring”. Those short films will have a high success and it will attain millions of view on Dailymotion and YouTube. With their producer Jonathan Barré they created in 2008 their own production company: Blagubuster Production. With this one they co-produce each first program as “Remakers” and “Remakers TV” on the web channel "". In September 2012, Florence Foresti invited them to make an appearance in her show "Foresti Party". They joined in 5 performances on stage of Paris Bercy since 19 September to the 23 September 2012. TV Show: In 2010, the Palmashow created a parody show on the channel Direct 8: “La Folle Histoire du Palmashow”. Greg and David personify 2 joke writers, recruit by mistake on the set, they’ll spoof the world of the TV. They became famous thanks to this TV show and the public request. really hear talk of them. The first season is composed of 13 episodes of 22 minutes. The series is cut up in 52 episodes of 2 minutes which created a daily appointment at 8:00 p.m. This TV show has been broadcast since September to December 2010.