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Non canimus surdis, respondent omnia silvae
("We sing not to the deaf; the trees echo every word")

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Javan slow loris

The Javan slow loris (Nycticebus javanicus) is a primate species native to western and central Java in Indonesia, most closely related to the Sunda and Bengal slow lorises. The species has two forms distinguishable by hair length and coloration, both with a prominent white diamond pattern on the forehead. It weighs between 565 and 687 g (1.246 and 1.515 lb) and has a head-body length of about 293 mm (11.5 in). Like all lorises it is arboreal, and moves slowly across vines and lianas instead of jumping from tree to tree. It is usually found in primary and secondary forests, and sometimes in bamboo and mangrove forests or chocolate plantations. Its diet typically consists of fruit, tree gum, lizards and eggs. It is usually seen alone or in pairs, and sleeps on exposed branches, sometimes in groups. Its population is in sharp decline through habitat loss and poaching, for the exotic pet trade and sometimes for traditional medicine. Listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as critically endangered, it is protected by Indonesian law, but the wildlife protection laws are rarely enforced at the local level. (Full article...)

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Lise With a White Shawl (1872)

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Artist's rendering of the MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit around Mercury

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Chancellorsville Campaign

Dead Confederate troops behind the stone wall of Marye's Heights, killed during the Second Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, part of the eastern portion of the May 1863 Chancellorsville Campaign. At the wall, Confederate forces pushed back two waves of Union Army assaults before being overrun and forced to withdraw. Though the Union forces under Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick attempted to march on Chancellorsville, they were delayed by Confederate attacks and, the following morning, driven back.

Fought from April 30 to May 6, 1863, the Chancellorsville campaign saw Gen. Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia repel a force twice its size, Union Army Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker's Army of the Potomac. However, in doing so they took numerous casualties and lost Lt. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson to friendly fire.

Photograph: Andrew J. Russell; restoration: Lise Broer
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