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("The poignancy of things")

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My Info[edit]

My name is Alexander Jackl.

I am the Lead Data Scientist and the Vice-President of Technology Strategy and Archtiecture for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

I am the co-chair of the Technical Board of the Schools Interoperability Framework Association- SIF. SIF is the national k12 data standards organization. I am also the project lead on the Teaching and Learning Project Team.

I am a consultant on the Common Education Data Standards(CEDS) and the Assessment Interoperability Framework (AIF).

I have a deep commitment to education in the world and always looking for opportunities to support and cause that!

Most important of all, I am a father of three (boy, 17; girl, 13; boy, 11), husband to one, brother to two, and friend to many!


Education, Standards, Technology, Wikipedia, SIF, XML, Enterprise Architecture, Information Management, Culture, Process Change, Transformation, Possibility, Asperger's Syndrome, Special Education, Computer Games, Science Fiction/Fantasy, History, Germany, Space and Martial Arts.

A Russian Wizard


Contact Me[edit]

Feel free to reach me at my email: My Email


The Signpost
22 October 2014