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Hello world! For all who don't know me, I have a great interest in mountains and scientifically interesting geographic places. I have been a member on Wikipedia since 2005 and have had many (sometimes not so good) experiences. Please forgive me if I do something I really shouldn't as I am still learning the way this community works!

I always attempt to make positive contributions to this site. However, that may not be guaranteed. Please correct me if you find anything that should be corrected...and please let me know so I won't do it again!

Also, I have nothing to do with Alaska Airlines.


Outside of Wikipedia, I maintain my own website and organization called Caglow targeted at writing and encouraging others to write free and open source astronomy software.

In addition, I climb mountains. Not the "super" mountains but just the ones that are considered decently easy to get on top of. I used to have a list here but it's impossible to keep track of all those ascents.