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I don't get it.

A Featured Article candidate about a man who, granted, was entirely unremarkable save for three photographs he made on 22 November 1963, is all but ignored. A peer review with zero response. A FAC with some very good comments that are addressed and which then sits, for over a month, with no further response. A nominator reduced to spamming the reviewers, two of whom say they'll try to get to it—one, no disrespect intended, who apparently can't find a moment to "to have a look" but can find the time to close the nom five days later because no one found a moment to "have a look".

Is it the subject? Doubtful—the reason he's famous is one of the most debated topics in human history. The man? Quite possible; absent those photographs, very few people even tried to learn about the man. Is it my prose? Thanks to the seeming indifference, I may never know. [grin]

So, if anyone has ever wondered why I'm sitting over here in my little corner of the "sum total of all human knowledge" maintaining this "tiny sliver" (ah, yes, the user name ...) of Wikipedia, a collective "meh" can have that effect.

Pass a FAC on its merits; fail a FAC on its lack. It should never, ever have "withered on the vine"; unwatered, uncultivated, unappreciated. (The vinicultural reference invoked by another editor is apt; I have family in northern California's Wine Country and this was the encyclopedic equivalent of losing what may or may not have been some of the best grapes of that harvest because the people entrusted—for whatever reason—to check on them never got to it—for whatever reason.)

"Disappointed" is insufficiently descriptive; so is "frustrated". "Disheartened"?

The editor
ATinySliver.jpg With respect to some friends I have made along the way, I will maintain but a few articles—a tiny sliver, as it were.
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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...
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Kona sign detail.png Old bowling alleys never die. They just split.

Let's go! Batter up!

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The Language Police
Split-arrows.svg The next sports coach who mentions his "best option going forward" needs to be asked on live TV about his best option going backward.
its/it’s Each word has its place.
It’s really not that hard.
their/ there/ they’re With social media their teacher, there are people who think that makes them proficient at spelling and punctuation. They're not.
to/ too/ two This editor is still surprised to see that too many people cannot use words that they should have mastered by grade two.
If you don't know the difference currently you should be
learning it
shtr shtraight shtreak shtrict shtrike shtrong shtruggle hisht'ry resht'rant
If you say "shtreets" you sound like you were educated on them.

Offended? Really? Why?
MiB.svg The person is smart; people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it!
shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker
and tits
... and tits doesn't even belong on the list! Actually, none of the words belongs on the list

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