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Hello and welcome to my profile. My username is Abrahamic Faiths, my real name will not be disclosed. I am 21 years old, and I am a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, I have Asperger syndrome but that does not affect my editing and I will never try to use that as an excuse for anything. I will not go in too deep about my personal life, but I will discuss my Wikipedia life; I first learned of Wikipedia when I was 12 and I have always used it when ever I had a question. Now that I am older I have decided I want to contribute to this wonderful website. I am fascinated by different Languages, different Religions and different Cultures, I will be editing mostly in those areas. I am a very open-minded person, and I respect other peoples opinions, I believe all humans belong to one family and dispite our differences, we can all find a way to get along. I am getting better at editing Wikipedia as time moves on, but I am still learning, I really do try my best to be neutral with my edits, but being human I make mistakes every now and then, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or complaints about any of my edits, I will respond and do my best to correct the problem.