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I have been mostly absent from March to early July 2014 due to real life circumstances, with exception of a handful of edits made under my IP-address, which is listed beneath. Please bear with me as I get back into the wikipedia-swing and feel free to poke me if I promised I would get back to you on something and never did. My most sincere apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by my absence.
Unlike most people, I am highly nocturnal and most frequently active during the late evening, night and early morning (to the point where during summer, I fall asleep well after dawn, whereas in the middle of the winter, it is not uncommon for me to only rise when dusk has already started) and as a result, you will be more rather than less likely to receive a response from me between 10pm and 7am in my timezone (8pm-5am UTC during DST, 9-6am UTC during winter).

Welcome to my userpage![edit]

I am AddWittyNameHere, a Dutch female in her early twenties. Feel free to shorten that to Witty (or NotWitty). I simply couldn't come up with a username, hence this one.

I registered at Wikipedia during the summer of 2013, having read for several years previously. I have made a handful of IP-edits previous to registering, though not many. I have rollback rights since January 2014 and reviewer rights since July 2014. I also have AWB permissions, although I infrequently use them.


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If you need translation help from Dutch or—to a slightly lesser amount—German to English for work in mainspace or similar (for example, to confirm a source does say what it's stated to say, or to incorporate information from the Dutch or German wiki), feel free to ask me. If needed, such as for communication with someone on the English wikipedia who has difficulty understanding the English language, I am also willing to translate from English to Dutch. (If absolutely necessary, I am willing to translate to German as well; however, my active use of German grammar is somewhat spotty and thus the translation would be intelligible for a native speaker of German, but not necessarily grammatically correct.)

For French, I am capable of understanding the written language, but generally not spoken language, and some of the more subtle nuances will likely go unnoticed. As a result, I only translate from French when I am absolutely certain that my understanding is correct.

I also have some, albeit nowhere near perfect, knowledge of Latin and ancient Greek, courtesy of secondary school, and a basic understanding of some other European languages. Nothing to write home about, but with some help on the side from an online translator, I can reasonably well translate phrases and sentences from Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, as well as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, to Dutch or English, or gather the basic meaning from a text in one of those languages. This is mostly through my knowledge of other languages (for the North Germanic ("Scandinavian") cluster, mostly Dutch, German and English; for the Romance language ("Neo-Latin") cluster, mostly Latin and French) and picking up knowledge as I come across it, however, and not any formal studying of these languages; as a result, there are gaps in my knowledge of basic words on the one hand while I can comprehend less common and usually considered more "difficult" words on the other hand. I cannot speak or otherwise actively use them beyond the uttermost basics—if that much.

My work at Wikipedia[edit]

My current IP-address is Special:Contributions/, a highly stable IP that has been mine since at least January 2013; if you see edits from this IP-address, it means that either I have accidentally edited while logged out, have for some reason been unable to access my account (I don't foresee this happening) or that someone else at my home has been editing Wikipedia (so far, this has not yet happened either). I occasionally edit Wikipedia from other locations; however, I will always do so while logged in to prevent confusion.

I tend to spend most of my time on Wikipedia fighting vandalism (for which I use both Twinkle and Huggle) and doing gnomish tasks like cite-error repair, disambiguation-link fixing, creating necessary redirects and correcting typos.

Have a nice day,