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This user is a bot
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Currently being rewritten
Operator Addshore
Author Addshore
Approved? Yes
Flagged? Yes
Task(s) See user page
Edit rate Continuous
Edit period(s) Continuous
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) PHP
Exclusion compliant? No
Source code published? Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes (Block)
Other information Hosted on WMFlabs


For a list of all Requests for approval please see this list (or the bottom of this page).

Pages of interest User:Addbot/log/protected and User:Addbot/check


User talk[edit]

  • Subst talk page templates that should be substed (from here)


Wikipedia talk[edit]


Template talk[edit]



Requests for Approval[edit]

Bot Task Status Description Activity
Task 2 Approved. Cleaning Sandboxes     -Inactive
Task 3 Approved. Getting lists from Special Pages and tagging using AWB     -Inactive
Task 4 Approved. Tagging PDF files with {{BadFormat}}     -Inactive
Task 5 Approved. Newsletter Bot     -Inactive
Task 9 Approved. Substing user talk page templates     -Inactive
Task 11 Approved. Fixing double redirects     -Inactive
Task 12 Approved. Newsletter Bot (Migration to PHP)     -Inactive
Task 15 Approved. Adding <references /> if missing and if <ref> tag is present.     -Inactive
Task 16 Approved. Tagging orphan articles as that set from here     -Inactive
Task 18 Approved. Removing orphan tags from articles that now have incoming links.     -Inactive
Task 19 Approved. Messaging wikiprojects     -Inactive
Task 20 Approved. Adding Uncategorized tags to those articles that do not contain a cat     -Inactive
Task 24 Approved. Removing UNCAT tags from pages that have more than one category on them     -Inactive
Task 27 Approved. Removing {{Deadend}} tags     -Inactive
Task 28 Approved. Removing {{Sections}} tags     -Inactive
Task 29 Approved. Removing phased out templates from pages     -Inactive
Task 31 Approved. Bundle of tasks after bot rewrite     -Inactive
Task 32 Approved. Removal of interwiki links that can be found on Wikidata     -Inactive