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About me[edit]

I am a clinical pharmacologist in London, UK. Most of my contributions relate to the bioengineering, pharmacology or physiology of the cardiovascular system, or the history of medicine.

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Pages I have started[edit]

Adriaan Isebree Moens, John R. Womersley, Moens−Korteweg equation, Otto Frank (physiologist), Robert Tigerstedt

Some pages I have contributed to[edit]

Benign hypertension, Bezold–Jarisch reflex, Blood pressure, David Jones (poet), Symbol support vote.svg Diabetes mellitus type 2, Diederik Korteweg, Echocardiography, Ejection fraction, Étienne-Jules Marey, Fenoldopam, Frederick Akbar Mahomed, Hypercholesterolemia, Symbol support vote.svg Hypertension Symbol support vote.svg Hypertensive heart disease, Hypertensive retinopathy, Intima-media thickness, James Mirrlees, L-type calcium channel, Metformin, Myocardial infarction, Percutaneous coronary intervention, Pulse wave velocity, Raymond Ahlquist, Renin inhibitor, Richard Quain, Stephen Hales, Systole (medicine), Thiazide diuretics, Ventricle (heart), Voltage-dependent calcium channel, Water hammer, Windkessel effect

Some pages I am working on[edit]

Cardiovascular disease

Pages I plan to work on[edit]

Aorta, Arterial stiffness, Carl J. Wiggers, Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, Compliance (physiology), Contractility, dopamine, Gotthilf Hagen, Heart failure, Hypertensive nephropathy, Hypertensive retinopathy, L-type calcium channel, Norepinephrine, Scipione Riva-Rocci, Vascular smooth muscle