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Akash Vedi.jpg
Akash Vedi
Born 1990 (age 23–24)
Udaipur, India
Residence Jaipur, India
Education Jaipur National University
Occupation A Blogger, Young entrepreneur, Internet Marketer.

Akash Vedi (born January 26, 1990 in Udaipur) is an Indian Young Entrepreneur, Blogger and Internet Marketer.

Early life[edit]

Akash Vedi went to Alok Institution for schooling then he went to Vidya Bhawan to study Electronic engineering. after dropping studies for a couple of years he rejoined Jaipur National University for pursuing Information Technology Engineering. He started working in Internet marketing and network security niche at the age of 15. He started a city portal called WebUdaipur in 2006 then he started a technology blog ax3 at Bangalore in 2009.


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