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Hi! Welcome to my userpage. I made my first edit to wikipedia in November 2005 and have been editing ever since. I was made an administrator on October 26 2006. Leave me a message on my talk page if you need help that requires my attention. You can also find me at #wikipedia, #wikipedia-in or #vandalism-en-wp IRC channels.

My contributions


  • Creating this article on 10 November, 2005 was my first edit.
  • This edit adding a Media section to Ahmedabad on March 27, 2006 was my 1000th edit.
  • This edit wishing Rama's Arrow the best for his RfA on May 13, 2006 was my 2000th edit.
  • This edit supporting User:Goldom's RfA on 12 August, 2006 was my 3000th edit.
  • Creating this bio on 16 September, 2006 was my 4000th edit.
  • This revert on 22 November, 2006 was my 5000th edit.
  • This edit on Swadhyayee's talk page on December 19, 2006 was my 6000th edit.
  • This edit on 13 March, 2007 was my 7000th edit.
  • This rollback on 2 June, 2007 was my 8000th edit.
  • This edit at the Wikipedia talk:New pages patrol/patrolled pages on 17:30, 17 November 2007 (UTC) was my 9000th edit.


  • Here are current stats of my edits (as of 17:30, 17 November 2007 (UTC))
    • Total edits 9002
    • Distinct pages edited 5418
    • Average edits/page 1.66
    • First edit 13:09, 10 November 2005
    • Main 3668
    • Talk 320
    • User 405
    • User talk 3052
    • Image 71
    • Template 88
    • Template talk 40
    • Category 97
    • Category talk 1
    • Wikipedia 990
    • Wikipedia talk 162
    • Portal 107
    • Portal talk 1
  • Admin actions
    • Delete 1920
    • Restore 12
    • Block 588
    • Unblock 30
    • Protect 22
    • Unprotect 8
    • Move 19
    • Move Redirect 37

Major contributions



I also run a bot - Aksibot - which is used to tag orphaned non-free images. The bot works using the pywikipediabot framework.

Other wikiprojects

I have made a few edits to the Gujarati wikipedia as well as the English wiktionary. I plan to spend more time at the guwiki as it it needs more editors. I am also a member of the Wikimedia Foundation Special projects language subcommittee in charge of developing a clear policy and documentation for new language projects and their proposal, processing those requests, and supporting and coordinating new projects to optimize their success.


Barnstars that I have received in appreciation of my work at Wikipedia. A big thank-you to all my friends at wikipedia.