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About me[edit]

Feel free to contact me by e-mail alaexis(at)

Here is my page on WikiCommons. I also have a userpage on Russian Wikipedia, although I prefer to use and edit the English one. In case you are interested I'm not User:William Mauco, User:Dikarka (see this), User:Helen28 or User:Buffadren (see this).

What I want to do[edit]

  1. See To-do list for Abkhazia WikiProject

What I have done[edit]

  1. Various contributions to Abkhazia-related articles, including
    1. Role of Russia in the Abkhazian war section (written anew)
    2. Sport in Abkhazia article
    3. Military of Abkhazia article
    4. Tkvarcheli, Pskhu, Gulripsh, Lashkendar
    5. Sukhumi botanical garden
    6. Seven shrines of the Abkhaz people
    7. Abkhaz literature
    8. Rail transport in Abkhazia
    9. International Black Sea Club
    10. Sultan Sosnaliyev
    11. History of the Jews in Abkhazia (written anew)
    12. Kelasuri Wall
    13. Media in Abkhazia
  2. St. John the Baptist Church, Yaroslavl
  3. José Ángel Ziganda, Vladimir Eshtrekov, Template:FC Lokomotiv Moscow managers. Minor edits to several football-related articles.
  4. improved some Uzbekistan-related articles and created a few small ones (Gijduvan, Vabkent, Urgut)
  6. Administrative division of Novgorod Land
  7. added photos of Russia, Abkhazia, Uzbekistan, Turkey and other countries

in Russian Wikipedia


  1. Wikipedia article traffic statistics

Where I have been[edit]

Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Estonia.svg Flag of Hungary.svgFlag of Germany.svgFlag of Luxembourg.svg
Flag of Belgium.svgFlag of Italy.svgFlag of San Marino.svgFlag of Spain.svg
Flag of Abkhazia.svgFlag of Uzbekistan.svgFlag of the United States.svgFlag of the Vatican City.svg
Flag of Turkey.svgFlag of Egypt.svgFlag of Andorra.svgFlag of Ukraine.svg
Flag of Ireland.svgFlag of Georgia.svgFlag of Nagorno-Karabakh.svgFlag of Armenia.svg
Flag of Cyprus.svgFlag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svgFlag of Latvia.svgFlag of Sweden.svg
Flag of Finland.svgFlag of Denmark.svgFlag of Belarus.svgFlag of the Netherlands.svg
Flag of Israel.svg

(in detail (updated))

Countries I want to visit[edit]

Flag of Portugal.svgFlag of Serbia.svgFlag of Montenegro.svg
Flag of Lithuania.svgFlag of Croatia.svgFlag of the Czech Republic.svg
Flag of Greece.svgFlag of Iran.svgFlag of the People's Republic of China.svg
Flag of India.svgFlag of Mexico.svgFlag of Peru.svg
Flag of Ethiopia.svgFlag of Jordan.svg


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