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bg Родният език на този потребител е български.
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My name is Alexandra and I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. You can also visit my Bulgarian page if you want to see what I am doing there as Wikipedia contributions, lately I mostly write here, in the English Wikipedia so probably you wouldn't see anything as contribs in my bg-list.

Priorly I contributed here mostly in Bulgaria-related topics, my favourite economics - but only with minor edits as formatting and clean-up, and sometimes adding sections or articles in linguistics, and any other changes I was making were irregular and mostly related to my Bulgarian Wikipedia edits, however now I include articles that are surprisingly missing.

Watch that!

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I am listening right now to Nelly Furtado - Say It Right@YouTube (11 am 10 Jully)

Also I think the two prophets from the Bible are actually Ronald Reagan and Margaret Tatcher that were previously 'slain' by the public opinion during the late 2000s but will revive and rise (by the appreciation of God?) for a new glory (THAT'S A PERSONAL OPINION!)