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some of my preoccupations: contemplating my human existence, at its more basic levels (waking up, brushing my teeth, taking a shower, taking a walk, studying the city in my walks, observing other people, observing animals, studying our spoken and written languages, contemplating my mortality, Theism vs Atheism etc.) and "less basic", extended levels: painting, creative writing, acting, the frontiers of science, the problems of philosophy, the problem of evil, Justice*, the clash of ideologies, etc.

  • Whether I support a death penalty, why yes I do. Furthermore I support death penalties/executions issued/performed by me, which I would deem to have been deserved. I value human life, I do not value inhuman life, inhuman Homo sapiens are far worse than animals.

I just saw V.S. Ramachandra on Charlie Rose, and his preoccupations blend with mine. I saw Daryll Strawberry on Tavis Smiley and his preoccupations also blend with mine. Apparently human beings often have similar preoccupations.