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Given the level of dysfunction that has come to prevail on Wikipedia, the most appropriate course for a principled scientist is to withdraw from the project.

The bureaucracy should either take corrective steps to fix this situation, or else suffer the eventual loss of huge amounts of valuable talent and volunteered resources.

If you agree with this statement, post it to your pages, and pass it on.

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In my view, the fundamental problem with Wikipedia is that no effort is made to identify and screen out psychologically regressive editors. Instead everyone is treated equal. While this sounds nice in theory, in reality a significant minority of the general population is diagnosable with a personality disorder, and this carries over to Wikipedia. Editors who demonstrate typical characteristics of personality disorders should not be given the same benefit of the doubt extended to other editors. Narcissistic personality disorder is especially dangerous in this context, since one of its primary characteristics is the inability to admit error.

See On Being Perfect: The narcissist's guerrilla war against reality, by Paul Lutus. A well known physicist, Lutus shares his experiences trying to defend science in the face of narcissistic unreasoning.

Without training in the recognition of regressive personalities, Wikipedia cannot ensure the integrity of the information presented on its pages.

Alfonzo Green (talk) 21:33, 18 July 2009 (UTC)