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I am a professor of biochemistry and have conducted research on algae and vertebrate cells.

I have prepared a wiki textbook for an introductory biochemistry class, which can be found here:

  • Biochemistry - This collection of Wikipedia articles is intended to supplement a standard textbook of biochemistry. Students may find its explanations complement their texts for greater clarity. In some areas its information will extend past their texts. In a few areas, information is still lacking but students are warmly welcomed to make up that deficit!
46 articles - created at 2009-03-28

I am also writing a biography of Sheldon Penman, here: Sheldon Penman, which is currently a draft. If you have reliably sourced information about him, please let me know here.

Alice Haugen      Edits  (someday - if you know how to make editcounter work please leave a note on my talk page) or try here.

In progress:The quiet pleasures of patrolling old new pages    


Some of these summarize my approaches to editing; others that may help evaluate my usefulness in maintaining accuracy or NPOV can be found here.


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