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This is my desktop: the digital equivalent of a horizontal surface densely covered with illegible notes scrawled on the backs of old envelopes.

For the biographical stuff, click this sentence.

Useful links[edit]

For uploading pictures
Commons:Main Page
Commons:User talk:CommonsDelinker/commands: request renaming of Commons categories

Try OpenStreetMap to generate maps; save as SVG. Get Inkscape; or try it in Windows Paint.

NRHP sites
Wikipedia:WikiProject National Register of Historic Places/NRIS information issues
Elkman's NRHP database query
National Register of Historic Places listings in Nebraska
Nebraska State Historical Society: NRHP sites in Nebraska
NRHP progress page
List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Nebraska
UTM converter
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Helfensteller, Hirsch & Watson

Wikipedia:WikiProject Nebraska
Andreas History of the State of Nebraska (1882)
Past and Present of Platte County, Nebraska (1915)
Platte County online books at GenWeb: includes link to Curry
Nebraska History Quarterly: selected articles online
CASDE: Nebraska... Our Towns
Nebraska DNR databank: get township-range-section maps.
Nebraska governors' speeches to Legislature: includes budget messages, state-of-the-state.
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains. From UNL.

Bridge terminology: Pittsburgh website

Architectural styles
Indiana DNR guide

Recommended architecture book: Ching, Francis D. K. (2012). A Visual Dictionary of Architecture. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 9781118160497. 

House of Representatives history. For election results, pick a Congress; then on the page for that Congress, there's a link to a PDF with the results of all elections.

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Scratch page for drafts: The Bertrams
Scratch page 2 for drafts: Madison First Presby
Scratch page 3 for drafts: David Domina
Scratch page 4 for drafts: Good Words
Scratch page 5 for drafts: Piotr Skarga GA review
Scratch page 6 for drafts: scratch
Scratch page 7 for drafts: Nebraska gubernatorial election, 1990
Scracth page 8 for drafts: scratch

Stuff to worry about[edit]

The War on Error[edit]

free reign
everyday they
everyday he
everyday she
everyday it
everyday the
it everyday
him everyday
her everyday
them everyday
there everyday
out everyday
up everyday
down everyday
over everyday
everyday at
everyday in
everyday one
everyday some
everyday somebody
everyday someone
time everyday
times everyday
passed away

Loup Canal[edit]

A source on irrigation: Columbus Telegram article