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Interface and Colloid Science
Electroacoustic phenomena
Electrokinetic phenomena
Electrophoresis (disambiguation)
Double Layer (interfacial)
Double Layer (electrode)
Double Layer (biospecific)
Donnan potential
Donnan equilibrium
Colloid Vibration Current
Colloidal particle
Electric surface potential
Electric double layer
Electrophoretic light scattering
Sedimentation potential
Slipping plane
Stern layer
Streaming Vibration Current/Potential
Streaming current
Streaming potential
Streaming potential/current
Surface charge
Surface conductivity
Surface phenomenon
Debye length
Dielectric permittivity
Diffuse layer
Dispersed particle
Dispersed phase
Dispersion medium
Dukhin number
Dynamic electrophoretic mobility
Electric sonic amplitude
Electric surface charge
Ion Vibration Current/Potential
Particle size distribution
Surface science
Zeta potential
Stokes law
Stokes' law (sound attenuation)
Volume viscosity
Shear rheology
Extensional rheology
Shear stress
Extensional stress
Extensional viscosity
Acoustic rheometer
Titration (disambiguation)
Zeta potential titration
Attenuation coefficient
Absorption coefficient
Ultrasound attenuation
Ultrasound attenuation spectroscopy
Acoustic spectroscopy
Capillary osmosis
particle size (general)
particle size (grain size)
particle size
ionic strength
History of nanotechnology

There are detailed descriptions of the interfacial Double Layer in many books on Colloid and Interface Science[1], [2], [3],[4],[5],




There is an IUPAC Technical Report [9] prepared by a group of most known world experts on the subject of interfacial Double Layer and related electrokinetic phenomena.


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