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Functions and Mappings - II[edit]

Arithmetic function
Additive function
Aliquot sequence
Average order of an arithmetic function
Bell series
Cauchy's functional equation
Chebyshev function
Dirichlet convolution
Divisibility sequence
Divisor summatory function
Extremal orders of an arithmetic function
Gauss circle problem
Integer sequence
Mertens function
Möbius inversion formula
Normal order of an arithmetic function
Partition (number theory)
Prime gap
Von Mangoldt function
Multiplicative function
Carmichael's totient function conjecture
Completely multiplicative function
Dedekind psi function
Divisor function
Euler's totient function
Greatest common divisor
Jordan's totient function
Kronecker's sigma function
Liouville function
Möbius function
Radical of an integer
Unit function
Abundant number
Almost perfect number
Amicable number
Colossally abundant number
Deficient number
Friendly number
Harmonic divisor number
Highly abundant number
Hyperperfect number
Perfect number
Primitive abundant number
Quasiperfect number
Sociable number
Sublime number
Superabundant number
Superperfect number
Table of divisors
Untouchable number
Weird number
Functional calculus
Borel functional calculus
Continuous functional calculus
Holomorphic functional calculus
Adjoint functors
Amnestic functor
Analytic functor
Calculus of functors
Derived functor
Diagonal functor
Diagram (category theory)
Dinatural transformation
End (category theory)
Essentially surjective functor
Exact functor
Forgetful functor
Free functor
Full and faithful functors
Functor category
Hom functor
Inverse system
Natural transformation
Polynomial functor
Presheaf (category theory)
Representable functor
Smooth functor
Span (category theory)
Zuckerman functor
Beck's monadicity theorem
Distributive law between monads
Equivalence of categories
Isomorphism of categories
Kan extension
Kleisli category
Monad (category theory)
Monad (functional programming)
Monoidal adjunction
Morita equivalence
Reflective subcategory
Strong monad
Brown's representability theorem
Classifying space
Moduli scheme
Yoneda lemma
Branch point
Derivative rule for inverses
Equation solving
Fatou–Bieberbach domain
Implicit and explicit functions
Inverse functions and differentiation
Inverse function
Lagrange inversion theorem
Lagrange reversion theorem
Local diffeomorphism
Logarithm of a matrix
Nash–Moser theorem
Inverse problem
Acoustic source localization
Collocation (remote sensing)
Electrical resistivity tomography
Inverse scattering problem
Inverse problem for Lagrangian mechanics
Inverse problem in optics
Isoline retrieval
Regularization (mathematics)
Reverse Monte Carlo
Seismic tomography
Tomographic reconstruction