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This page is for instructions for Indian users who wish to access #wikipedia-in on IRC. This is only in the case when you are not able to connect without using proxy services, which might be due to a firewall.


  1. Visit Internet Relay Chat for knowing about IRC.
  2. Visit WP:IRC to know about the various channels that exist and are related to Wikipedia.
  3. For those of you who can only use HTTP, a web based version, running CGI:IRC is available. Unless you are satisfied with the HTTP version, which I believe to be very slow and tedious, I think you should continue to the next step.
  4. You would need to download, preferably mIRC (the software which I use). Other software are also available e.g. Chatzilla.
  5. Try connecting to server on IRC. Or just click on this link #wikipedia-in. It will fire up the software and will take you to the concerned channel.
  6. If you are not able to connect, then it is because the server is not accepting your IP address.*
  7. You can use a proxy software such as Your-Freedom, which can be downloaded from this link [1].
  8. This proxy and anonymity software can be registered, downloaded and collaborated to work with mIRC.
  9. While installing the software, remember that localhost= and the relevant port=8080.
  10. You need to join #wikipedia or #wikipedia-in (for India-related discussions).
  11. You can also register your nicks so that others cannot abuse them.
  12. If you still have any problems, then contact me through gmail. My email address is anirudhsbh at gmail dot com. I might be available through the way of GTalk as well.
  • The reason that the IRC node might not be accepting your IP address is that, the IP addresses which you are using are affiliated with APNIC, which is the Asian-Pacific network comptroller and would might not accept anything that is not affiliated with either ARIN or RIPE NCC.