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Anthony Brett Adams

About Me[edit]

I am Anthony Adams (born June 2, 1990), I go by the alias AA1, Anthony.Adams.1, or AnthonyAdams1.

I am a student, although my grades are not the best I know alot more than I let out to knowing. My real interests lie within web development and security, which I am intermediate with. Alot of miscellaneous things interest me, and if I can I pursue them at that time but if I don't pursue them they are lost till I choose to pursue them again.

I am an American, born in Georgia, located in the southeast region.



I have worked with computers almost all of my life so I am pretty efficient with them. I amaze almost all my friends with what I can do with computers, even though all I have to do for some is bypass permissions to folders at the school. I have always been told that I have the traits of a programmer, that I burn something into my head and remember but forget about it, but it is still there when i need it. I am good at programming and have creativity with it but my design skills are not the best.

Web Development and Design[edit]

I work with alot of web development and design. I am currently interning at Alcovy Creative in Madison, Georgia. Here i do more Flash work that anything, but am starting to learn their web design system that was specially programmed so that the people we design for can edit their own web site.

Things I Know

  • Hyper Text Mark-up Language(html)
  • Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
  • Flash Design

Want to Learn

  • Javascript(JS)
  • Active Server Pages(ASP)

Hacking and Security[edit]

I get into hacking and security in late 2005 and have been working with it a good bit since then. When I first got into hacking and security, it was when I found a website[2]. The website doesn't teach you but makes you ask yourself why something works rather than if I put this in that I don't even understand how it works in will it do this.

To Do Lists[edit]

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Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

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    Full Name: Anthony Brett Adams

    Birthdate: 06.02.1990

    Location: Rutledge, GA, Southeastern USA

    Hobbies: Web Design, Graphics, Online gaming

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