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I like to be called Tony. My areas of expertise are naval and military history, Imperial and contemporary Rome, Ancient Egypt, pre-Dreadnought battleships, Dreadnought battleships and battlecruisers, military aircraft, National Socialist Germany, and medical science and practice.

I have been an Administrator on Wikipedia long enough to know what I can do, and what I cannot. I am always prepared to do the first, and to consult on the second.

I have an alternate account, Anthony Bradbury abroad, for use from insecure sites other than my own. It has no admin facility.

This user has set foot in 52 countries of the world.

England Scotland Wales Republic of Ireland France Spain Italy Monaco Vatican City Malta Turkey Greece Poland Belgium Netherlands Dubai Abu Dhabi (emirate) United States Barbados India Sri Lanka Thailand Malaysia Singapore Indonesia Vietnam China Hong Kong Japan Taiwan South Korea Russia Tunisia Egypt Kenya Tanzania South Africa Swaziland Madeira Aruba Mexico Kiribati New Zealand Australia Cambodia Oman Jordan Qatar Croatia Slovenia Albania Burma


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