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How much of an issue is it, people slipping on wet surfaces?

When ANTISLIP solution is applied to a ceramic tiled surface the following chemical reaction occurs. The surface of the tile is micro etched, to provide slip resistant effect to the surface when wet,creating a tread pattern within the surface. Once treated with ANTISLIP solution,the surface has been altered permanently (depending on the quality and age of the tile) to provide a slip-resistant finish that becomes part of the surface. Using this treatment may cause a slight loss of glaze or colour in some tiles so a sample treatment is always offered prior to service to gauge this variation.We suggest you inspect the treated tile when wet and dry to ensure you are happy with the finished product. After treating the tiles, we seal them with our revolutionary ANTISLIP-Impregnation Water Based Sealer, which helps protect the tile from contaminants and makes cleaning easier.The sealer does not alter the slip resistance created with ANTISLIP solution CLEANING A TREATED SURFACE

It is important that a surface treated with ANTISLIP is not allowed to become dirtier than normal or contaminated with food, oils and fats as these will negate the system. Spills can be cleaned up immediately as there is no need to fear water on an ANTISLIP treated floor. To ensure long life of the treatment, it is important that a non-residual cleaning product be used(we recommend Antislip-Clean.) A guide brochure for cleaning and maintenance is available on request. Diamond Brush Anti-Slip Treatment


Diamond Brush ANTISLIP Treatment is an environmentally friendly system that uses Diamond impregnated brushes and water to cut and achieve desired slip resistance when used on: Vitrified Ceramic Tiles Polished Porcelain Tiles Exposed Aggregate Granite Pebble crete Polished Concrete Terracotta Urban Stone Most Masonry Surfaces. ADVANTAGES:

No dangerous chemicals or solvents are used in this process, only water and,low noise level low speed brushes,for fast results,cleaning ingrained grime from surface. No damage is caused to edges of tiles from unevenly laid tiles/pavers as brushes ride over the edge not the resin and will not crack, chip or shatter tiles Home owners and businesses alike, are taking advantage of the safest ANTISLIP technology by rejuvenating their old looking tiles and SAVING the costs of re-tiling!