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My name is Tony Woolrich and I live in the UK. I began editing Wikipedia in June 2004.

My special field is the history of engineering and manufacturing in the time of the Industrial Revolution.

I was a contributor to the New Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and to the Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers, as well as specialist journals.

I am greatly interested in the history of encyclopaedias and early technical books, industrial espionage during the Industrial Revolution and the history of machine tools.

I worked as a publisher's editor, and also as a consultant on engineering history.

Working on the Wikisource 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica project took up some of my time. I was also an Administrator on Wikisource.

I came away from Wikipedia in the late 2000s, being involved in other things. I have now returned and have begun picking up the pieces again, in particular Rees's Cyclopaedia and its contributors. Soon I will be posting a page about Charles Burney's music articles in Rees, with lists of them and his biographical articles about musicians. I'm just now planning to put Rees's Cyclopaedia on Wikisource, probably starting with the volumes of plates.

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User:Apwoolrich/List of articles on music in Rees's Cyclopaedia

User:Apwoolrich/List of biographies of musicians in Rees's Cyclopaedia

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