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c++-1 This user is a beginning C++ programmer.
Java-1 This user is a beginning Java programmer.
php-1 This user is a beginning PHP programmer.
vb-1 This user is a beginner Visual Basic programmer.
css-3 This user is an advanced Cascading Style Sheets user.
HTML-3 This user is an advanced HTML user.
js-1 This user is a beginning JavaScript programmer.
prog-1 This user is a beginning programmer.
by This user does not like the passive voice.
their / there / they're This user thinks that there are too many people who don’t know that they're worse than their own children at spelling!
.  The This user puts two spaces after a period.
its & it’s This user understands the difference between its and it’s. So should you.
This user is addicted to ellipses and has been known to use them indiscriminately...
US This user uses American English.
AIM-1 This uzer has an amateur understanding of the AIM talk. Brb
Laff alert.svg This user is NOT known for taking themself too seriously.
C This user is a fan of character comedy.
T This user is a fan of topical comedy and satire.
@ This user can be reached by email at
Crystal 128 aim.png This user's AOL Instant Messenger screenname is arenasnow.
Crystal Clear app browser.png This user has a website, which can be found here.
F icon.svg
This user maintains a Facebook profile.
Crystal kwrite.png
This user maintains a blog at {{{2}}}.
Logo Google 2013 Official.svg This user uses Google as a primary search engine.
Firefox This user prefers Mozilla Firefox.
XP This user uses Windows XP.
S1 This user is a Scrabble player.
Equation.png This user is an advanced mathematician.
SI This user measures both in metric system and American system units. ft-lb
This user knows by heart an unspecified number of digits in the decimal representation of pi.
IQ curve.svg This user is a statistician.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.png This user enjoys rock music.
Eagle Nebula
This user is interested in astronomy.
Pluto-map-hs-2010-06-b90.jpg This user misses Pluto. May its planethood rest in peace.
Cyprus-topographic map-en.svg This user is interested in maps.
This user is a cat lover.
1984.png Big Brother is watching this user.
HP This user is a Harry Potter fan.
Answer to Life.png This user knows The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
Little Shop of Horrors gore.JPG This user is a man-eating talking plant.
ND This user voted for Pedro.
J! This user phrases responses in the form of a question.
White house south.jpg This user is a fan of
The West Wing.
news The only reality show this user watches is the news.
C&H This user reads Calvin and Hobbes.
C This user attends or attended Cornell University.
Nuvola apps bookcase.svg This user is a university student.
Graduation hat.svg This user is an undergraduate student majoring in Economics.
9pointedstar.png This user has a family member with Multiple Sclerosis.

Face-glasses.svg This user has astigmatism.
This user wears corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses, without which they'd be as blind as a bat!
21 This user is 21 years old.
This user is Irish
Coat of arms of Poland-official3.png
This user is of Polish ancestry.
Flag of New York
IQ curve.svg This user provides information using user boxes for statistical reasons.
Newcomer Please be nice and patient with this New Wikipedian.
X This user is strictly apolitical.
Annulus piscatorius.png This user is interested in Roman Catholicism.
N S C S This user is a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series fan.
Alonso-WPF1logo.png This user supports Formula One.
Cup This user thinks Buschwhacking has gotten out of control.
Nerd This user is a nerd.