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My Work[edit]

  • RefScript - nice Bookmarklet (Bookmark made in JavaScript) that helps you to generate references in one click
  • WikiSearch - a simple GreaseMonkey script that creates an alert if the page you edit contains a certain string

My contributions[edit]


Bălcescu, Balcescu, USB On-the-Go, Linux LinPus, Tax scam, Daily Tech, Industrial exhibition, IFA Berlin, Viqarunnisa Noon, FLCOS FLCoS, Izobilnoye, DGIPI, SNLO, Societatea Naţională a Lignitului Oltenia, Flacăra Stadium, Someşul, Avrigel, Grawe, GRAWE, CUG, Wagon (company), CICOR, Deichman, Dragic, Costea Muşat, Mirón, Patriciu, Iuta, Hanila, Martna, Copou, Polymetall, Cetelem, Gacilly, Bayern LB, MKB Romexterra, EDPR, Magyar Aluminum, Horea (disambiguation), Draquila, Stanleybet, Lasselberger, Otavia antiqua, Grenadia, Skytree, Sarah Hemings, Croods, Buhalnița River, Malnaş River


Svetlina (disambiguation), Svetlana (name), Valo (disambiguation), Betania (disambiguation), Bettany (disambiguation), Toplița River (disambiguation), Toplicioara River (disambiguation), Mănăstire (disambiguation)


Ugland House, CULV, Click!, Lasselsberger, Roca (company), Wagon Automotive, Takata Petri, Isvoarele, Giurgiu, William Goad, Cristian Popescu, List of most successful crowdfunding projects, Category:Scares, Category:Lists of parts

Category:Research and analysis firms, Category:Sciences stub templates, Category:Actor stub templates, Category:United States stub templates, Category:Stub templates by country


Ugland (disambiguation), La Zarza, Aita (disambiguation), Fizz (disambiguation), Râul Alb, Albi (disambiguation), Flacăra, Someş (disambiguation), Avrig (disambiguation), Selena (disambiguation), Kika (disambiguation), Koyo, Dunca, Takata, Klöckner (disambiguation), Sidera, Giurgiu (disambiguation), Acar (disambiguation), Rettig, Dyo (disambiguation), Markt, Faur, Eupen (disambiguation), Proca, Reinert, Debenham (disambiguation), Levi Strauss (disambiguation), Deichmann, Drăgan, Draga (disambiguation), Dragas (disambiguation), Dragi (disambiguation), Dragić, Dragica, Dragoş (disambiguation), Dragu (disambiguation), Dragutin (name), Dragutinović, Dragnea, Draza (disambiguation), Dražen, Recaş (disambiguation), Reca (disambiguation), Anghel, Angelle (name), Angello, Angelli, Angeletti, Angelucci, Anjelica, Anjelika, Anjan, Ajan, Overy, Miron (name), Preda (disambiguation), Esplanada (disambiguation), Crevedia (disambiguation), Kuban (disambiguation), Lufkin (disambiguation), Alro, Millennium Bank, Gallaher, Emporiki, Tuşnad (disambiguation), Drăghici, Eforie (disambiguation), Cristian Popescu (disambiguation), Nahlin, Duncan Smith, Caju, Kewa (disambiguation), Râșnov (disambiguation), Fukang (disambiguation), Svetlina, Betania, Casmir, Toplița River, Toplicioara River, Vâlsan, Vâlsan River, Malnaș River, Valea Albă River, Asus Memo Pad, TSCG, Icho

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Noon (disambiguation), AT, AV, CM, CE, Dy, HS, Transylvania (disambiguation), Carmo, Ramiro


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A barnstar for you![edit]

Vitruvian Barnstar Hires.png The Technical Barnstar
Thanx for your script RefScript! Its really great!

It would really help the Wikipedia community a lot. ~ ScitDeitalk 17:00, 29 October 2013 (UTC)