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Hello, my name is Arlen and I live in the Eastern USA. The articles related to Noah's flood are a mess and I doubt they will every get fixed. It is preposterous that they actually got FA status at one point. I glanced at a few articles on intelligent design and saw a mess of text. It may be a long time before anything gets fixed.


Seven Dispensations[edit]

The messages to the seven churches, while being for actual churches, can also be applied to seven distinct ages of the Church.

  1. Ephesus - The strong church
    • Had patiently borne adversity, and could not stand evil.
    • They had left their first love. God appealed to them to remember from where they had fallen.
  2. Smyrna - The poor, rich church.
    • This church would face persecution.
    • God had nothing against them.
  3. Pergamos - The faltering church
    • Had not denied God.
    • Had allowed false prophets into the church.
  4. Thyatira - The apostate church
    • Had many good works.
    • Had allowed the false prophetess Jezebel to come in.
  5. Sardis - The dying church
    • Asked to repent and watch.
  6. Philadelphia - The weak church
    • God promised to keep them from the hour of temptation.
    • The synagogue of satan, who claimed to be jews, would know that God was with them.
  7. Laodocia - The lukewarm church
    • This church thought they were fine.
    • God asked them to buy gold from him, so they would be rich.