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Ingrid Kamerbeek (artist name artingrid; * 14. März 1952 in Gummersbach, Oberbergischer Kreis) is a 3rd generation artist (abstract Expressionism). She was trained by her grandfather, Mathias Dohle (1887 - 1966), and her father, Ulrich Dohle (1924 - 2002), two former artist generations. She maintained own galleries in Duesseldorf (1978 - 1980) and Moenchengladbach (1980 - 1982) and today is living as a freelancer and arts event organizer in Sonthofen, Oberallgaeu, Bavaria. Kamerbeeks art can be seen on- und offline in exhibitions and events around the globe. Since 1999 the computer is one of her many art tools. She works traditional and experimental. In 2003 she founded the "[Webism] Group of Worldwide Artists" along with Cyberart-Pioneer Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu/Hawaii/USA. Best known member of the Webism group: Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke, one of the founders of Ars Electronica.

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