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Ranger 1
Ranger 1
Ranger 1 Satellite in preparation for use at the Parade of Progress Show at the Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, August 1964
Operator NASA
Major contractors Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mission type Lunar Science
Launch date August 23, 1961 at 06:02:00 UTC
Launch vehicle Atlas-Agena B
Launch site Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex, Florida, United States
Mission duration 7 days
Satellite of Earth
Orbital insertion date August 23, 1961 at 10:02:00 UTC
Orbits 110
Orbital decay August 30, 1961
COSPAR ID 1961-021A
Homepage NASA NSSDC Master Catalog
Mass 306.2 kg
Orbital elements
Semimajor axis 6,690.3 km
Eccentricity .019939
Inclination 32.9°
Apoapsis 446 km
Periapsis 179 km
Orbital period 91.1 minutes