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Useful Tools[edit]

References and Citations[edit]

  • I use this reference generator all the time.
  • Note to self, check out the following:
    • Starlog #136, November 1988 - interview with Rob Bowman by Marc Shapiro.
    • Starlog #220, November 1995 - Bowman interview?
    • Cinefantastique; 1990, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p32 by Mark A. Altman "The Next Generation": Rob Bowman directing auteur
    • Cinefantastique, n1 1995, Vol. 26/27 Issue 6, p83-83 by Paula Vitaris "Rob Bowman"

Who I Am[edit]

  • My expertise is in the areas of astronomy and science education, and I hold post-graduate degrees in those fields.
  • AstroCog stands for astronomy and cognition.

My Interests[edit]

Ongoing Wikipedia Activity[edit]

Featured Articles[edit]

  1. Featured article The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. - With the exception of a few sentences, I researched and wrote this entire article, which was in bad shape when I found it.

Wikimedia Grants[edit]

Note to self...look at this again:

Pending Wikipedia Projects[edit]

Current projects[edit]

  • Camera - a vital article that I've been working on for a while, when I have time.
  • Jeffrey Boam - My current "project". I'm getting this one researched, written, sourced, and up to a quality that Boam deserves (notable screenwriter and co-creator of Brisco).
  • Westchester Community College - another major project. I love the historical digging I've got to do for this one. Musty newspapers, deep database searches, and lots of the New York Times.
  • Rob Bowman - Great tv director. I've been building this article bit by bit. Most recently I acquired some pro photographs for the commons.
  • Kim Manners - notable director of Brisco and X-Files
  • Legend (TV series) - Needs much cleanup, like the Brisco article originally needed.

Astronomy articles I'm interested in working on[edit]

Background of WP work[edit]

Pages I created[edit]