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Welcome...[edit] my User Page. It's not big or complex and it doesn't have any fancy graphics or animations, but I like it.

Wikipedia and Me[edit]

"Books are repositories of is vital that you obtain books."

I didn't realise the vandalism that had been directed at this page until I just spotted my user page on a vandalism warning on a Talk page! Well guess that means I'm having an effect. My thanks to all those who have reverted and restored my page!

Well now, over a year. It's been slow and steady - something nice to do when I have time. It was the strength of the Wikipedia community that made me start, and that is still something I enjoy. That is why I spend most of my time on community issues such as reverting vandalism and helping other editors.

One of the most common words which I have seen people add as vandalism to an article is "poop". I must confess that this confuses me. Out of all the words to choose, why "poop"??

Got fed up of editors stealing my edits using Huggle so joined the crowds to see what it was. In one day I more than doubled my edit count! Now I understand why everyone uses it! Still, I think it's quite a bit easier to make a mistake and revert something that isn't vandalism with it, as you can't quite see the whole picture. Reverting should never be too easy! Attracted quite a bit more attention to my user and talk pages, unfortunately all of it negative (apart from the wonderful editors who undo the vandalism!).

My Pride and Joy[edit]

Barnstar of Reversion2.png The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
I've seen you around vandal patrol quite a lot lately, and you make solid, helpful reports to AIV. Keep up the great work! GlassCobra 22:47, 10 July 2008 (UTC)

Mistakes to learn from[edit]

"The man who makes no mistakes usually does not make anything."

Some things to keep me humble:

  • 5 September 2008 - Reverted some vandalism to a page then saw that the editor was trying to point out the article was a copy of another article, so removed vandalism warning and tagged the copied page for deletion and notified author. Then realised that that particular page was there first and the other one was a copy so removed csd tag and went to tag the first article. Then saw that it had been tagged with a history merge in the past but author had removed it, so re-tagged it. What a tangle!
  • Couple of times Revert a page blanking and then find that it was the page's only author and should csd tag instead.
  • 19 June 2008 Tagged an article about a book with csd over notability, only to read "This template does not over books" when it loaded. Needless to say the speedy was declined. Books should be tagged with {{notability}} and/or a relevant stub.
  • 28 May 2008 Whoopie pie‎ - Reverted some nonsense additions to an article and then realised it was an attempt to add a citation by someone who didn't know how to use the code. Undid my revert and corrected citation coding.
  • 3 June 2007 - Two vandalism warnings posted on User pages and not User Talk pages!
  • 2 June 2007 Terrill Middle School - Page was a short article abusing a school, which I have seen many times before so tagged it for speedy deletion. Turned out it was a proper article which had been vandalised.
  • 2 June 2007 Roger Mellie - reverted edits which were adding category tags such as "Fictional rapists", "Fictional murderers" then realised from reading the article that they were probably true!

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