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Saturday 25 Oct. 2014
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I live in Ogle a small hamlet 12 miles north west of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I am now retired. Initially trained as a chemist (PhD at Lancaster University some 35 years ago) I ended up making a career in IT.

My interests wiki wise are main group chemistry, structural chemistry.


I dislike editors who add material without checking it out first to establish that it has a basis in fact, who add unreferenced material, who make multiple edits instead of composing their edit in a sandbox and moving it across, who can't admit they are wrong.

To do list[edit]

Lanthanide - oxidation states - add +4 Dy in e.g. hexahalo ion from Greenwood and tetravalent state in Encyclopedia

Cerium article- little or no content on +4 state. CeCl62- anion - aqueous chem mssing dimer (recent paper)- also in Belousov - Z reaction
Dysprosium article - +4 ox state in e.g. hexahalo ions
Lutetium article - silly statement that only ox state is +3 - what about DyQ, (S, SE etc)- insulating monochalcogenides, also all the pseudo +2
Scandium (GA) - so much missing- carbides, borides, nitride, phosphide and hydrides poorly covered
Yttrium(FA) - hardly any chemistry there- all based on Daanes excellent 1968 publication
Sulfur (C) missing sulfur polycations- only reference is in the sulfide section ha ha!; sulfur oxo-acids, chemical properties missing double bonding, hard soft acid base; incorrect informatiom on halogens, length of sulfide bridges in cured rubber, no mention of rubber vulcanization in lede; oxide section a bit light; no interchalcogen compounds

Peroxophosphoric acids, peroxophophates


  • Carbonate missing solubility summary of salts, missing carbanato complexes (neutral and other), missing occurence of MIII carboantes for larger cations
  • various carbonate articles- missing structural information

Hydrides- alloys or compounds

  • address chromium, iron articles and correct the TiH2 article when alloy furore resolved

New articles

  • gallium(I) oxide (suboxide) missing


  • Atomic carbon - add carbido complexes/cluster (Wiberg p 1562) (Steinborn Fundamentals of organometallic catalysis) Wades rule for clusters C may hypervalent carbo-cations CHn+ bonding is between the Au and C, metal metal bonding negligible so no cluster , and no Wade's rules explanation.
  • aluminothermic reaction aluminothermic process thermite all related missing content.
  • aluminium fluoride mentions aluminium production but needs expanding hall-heroult process
  • All of the hydride articles!
  • non-stoichiometric compounds
  • polysulfide- errors and transition metal complexes, derived from polysulfanes
  • sulfide errors, metal sulfides more content required
  • bismuthate (include mixed bi oxides - structures etc ; sodium bismuthate(structure, indeterminate analysis of commercial product- mixture- ref said carbonate water etc contams


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