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Azul = Hallo,

Aziri is a amazigh name, it means the moon. I am a amazigh (berber). I do not speak English but nevertheless fight to improve the article concerning Imazighen (berbers). Exuse me, if i do some error languages. Thank you in dvance.


My realy name is not a berber name, but an Arab name, because the Berber names aren't allowed.Morocco. And I even don't speak good Berber language because I didn't learn it in the school .The berber language is forbidden , and it is just a dialect in North Africa . And I don't know any thing about the history of the Berber because the history of the berber is also forbidden (The ex-minister is followed by the court, because he ignored the history of the berber). I learned what the Arabs did with their camels, and how "Hunain the Arabian" was a clever bandit and Omar ibn Alkhattab was one of the best peopel on the earth... but about the berbers they told to me that the barbarian (berber) 'were the old inhabited of Maghrib. I don't speak good languages because the Arab governement have bad strategie for th education , I was in the university but I don't speak any other languages. and the second reason is : I had to learn firstly in arabic, because I gone to the school to learn in arabic whereas mijn mother tong is the Berber language. but i belief that it will be better.

i am very happy for my origines , i was never thinging that i am a memeber of a great familly . it is not very easy to explain what the word Aziri meen , i do not thing that it is an amazigh name , becouse it is not near to the amazighen pronotiation . neverthelees it is not an arabic name , you know it had not just one pronotiation , in the most near i thing of what meen Aziri , It meen : Algerian in amazigh languege of the algerian pronontiation , i wender to tell you that algeria in amazighen is ledzayer and algerian be tazayrithe in amazighen language , so i can inderstand that AZIRI meen Algerien and , very clear it is not an abstrect imazighen name .