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Mess ye not with Engvar the Dragon or she'll set thy pants on fire! Arrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!
Swabbing teh decks of teh Wikipedia since 2008

Shiver me timberz Boys and Girls – these things ye should know:

  • My main Wiki-activity be at thy Glid ov Kopy Editerz' request page, where I kopy-edit teh artikelz to fix teh proze nda teh spllieng nad teh pnucutashun?
  • When I edit, I be bold and ruthless, hacking and slashing through the jungle of words that be Wikipedia. Waffly text be mine enemy. Arrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!
  • I use my noble sword The Queen's English to slay thy Jabberwok of rotten writing.
  • I try not to disturb Engvar the Dragon, for she be a fierce beastie to reckon with!
  • I strive for clear, concise and accurate prose, but if my copy-edit work be not to the expected standard, please tell me so I can fix the problems and learn from the experience.
  • Barnstars and Wikilove messages be nice, but a simple 'thanks' be thanks enough.
  • I don't accept direct copy-edit requests. Please don't ask me because a refusal may offend thee!
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