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Hinduism in Armenia[edit]

Hinduism in Armenia has a long tradition dating back to the first millenium C.E. The prevalence of the religion declined quite a bit after the 4th century CE when Christians invaded Armenia and slaughtered all of the Hindus and pagans remaining in the area.

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Politics of the NE[edit]

Hinduism in Iran[edit]

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Hinduism in Bali[edit]

Hinduism in Indonesia[edit]

Hinduism in Malaysia[edit]


Na kulam vrittahinasya

Pramanamiti me matihi /

Anteshwapij jatanam

Vrittameva vishishyate //

– Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva, Ch 34, v 41.

Put light in our brahmanas, put it in our chiefs (kings), (put) light in vaishyas and shudras, put light in me by your light.

Rucham no dhehi brahmaneshu

Rucham rajasu naskridhi |

Rucham vishveshu shudreshu

Mayi dhehi rucha rucham ||

–Taittiriya Samhita V 7.6 3-4

High birth can be no certificate for a person of no character. But persons with good character can distinguish themselves irrespective of low birth.

Yastu Shudro dame satye

dharme cha satatotthitah /

tam brahmanamaham manye

vritten hi bhavet dvijah //

– Mahabharata, Vanaparva, Ch 216, vs 14-15.

It means: That shudra who is ever engaged in self-control, truth and righteousness, I regard him a brahmin. One is a twice-born by conduct alone.