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Lingo: Is it «wik-ee-PEE-dee-a» and «wik-ee-PEE-dee-an», or «wik-ee-PEE-ja» and «wik-ee-PEE-jan»?

How, when and where[edit]

Wikipedia begain to appear out of nowhere in my Google searches around 2002 or 2003.

It would be difficult for me to pin it down exactly, since this has as much to do with its increase in size as with the intensity of my own Internet usage which has varied over the years.

Between October 1st 2004 and November 30th 2004, as a non-registered user, I edited and created a few articles.

Had the slogan: "The Free Encyclopedia That Anyone Can Edit" already been invented?

I could never get used to the idiocy of that slogan, especially when the right statement was so close: "The Free Encyclopedia That You Can Edit".

People poke fun at Wikipedia repeating, literally, that it is worthless since it is "an encyclopedia that anyone can edit".

And here you've got Wikipedia's very own motto appearing to echo their derision!

I have often wondered who the back room genius was who came up with the slogan.

On February 28th 2012 at 14:59 UTC, that is 15:59, or 3:59 p.m., my time, I reconnected with Wikipedia and registered.

At first I was Basemetal00 because «Basemetal»* was not available, and I had rather not be «Precious» or «Noble».

In December 2012 I discovered I could «usurp» the username «Basemetal» that belonged to someone who had, in six years, made only this one edit

mussolini was horribly mutilated before/after his murder.  The flesh was peeled off his face and skull. However I am unable to verify this as I was an eyewitness.

and never opposed any objection to my taking over his username, if he even became aware of it.

* Nothing to do with base, metal, bass or Mettle.

This reminds me...[edit]


Ameloblastoma: the French article is "adamantinome" but that is paired incorrectly with English article "adamantinoma"

Sources for new articles[edit]

Sources for Franklin Taylor

Sources for Camillo Horn

  • here
  • Theodore Baker, A Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, 3rd Edition, 1919, page 415

Sources for Franz Anton Morgeroth

Sources for Francesco Galeazzi

Sources for Karl van Beethoven (Beethoven's nephew)

Odds and ends[edit]

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