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Hi! My name is Basilisk4u. I enjoy editing wikipedia articles, especially ones about music, animals, crime, religion, baseball, and culture. I am a relatively new user, so I am continuing to learn more and more about wikipedia. I have a tendency to try to tackle multiple tasks at a time and I can get a little busy, but I will always try to help anyone in any way I can. In general, I tend to be more interested in the biographical aspect of articles, so I mostly write about people and their backgrounds. Html is not really my forte, so I will probably not be a huge help when it comes to the technical stuff. If you could help me in any of my editing endeavors, that would be fantastic. Most recently, I have been involved in reviewing articles for good article status.

I am currently a college student studying international relations. I love hip-hop and Latin American culture, and I hope to live in Puerto Rico at some point in my life. My main interest is music, and I can find something to like about virtually any genre. Thanks for stumbling upon my page!

Current projects:

Good article nominees:

Hoping to get these articles to good article status (These goals will probably never all be accomplished, but hey, I can dream, can I not?):